Route 21 Youth Application Questions

Our Unique and Effective Mentoring Model

The Route 21 mentoring model has been refined over a period of 12 years while serving the most vulnerable and underserved youth.


Over a period of 12 years our mentoring model has served some of the most underserved and vulnerable youth in Seattle public schools. Our outcomes compared to those of their peers have been outstanding.

High School Graduation Rates

Underserved and Vulnerable Youth 90%


"Pit Crew"

A team that helps refresh, equip and care for the Mentor.


Young adults who also grew up in care are paid to be a mentor to youth currently in care.


High school aged youth currently in care are mentored by someone who grew up in care themselves.



Once a week during the school year mentors and youth have breakfast together before school. Mentor and youth talk about life, school, grades and some of the Route 21 curriculum.


Twice a month the whole cohort does group outings like movies, go karts and paintball. The group time together makes memories, forms trusted bonds and helps relieve the pressures of life.


Quarterly mentors and youth meet as a group to learn about life skills related to our acronym W.H.E.E.L.S.: Wealth, Health, Education, Emotions, Life Skills and Spiritual. Youth get to steer the direction of their own development.

1,000 YEARS

Route 21 is working on putting 1,000 years of experience into it’s new curriculum to tailor to the needs of youth in care. The advice is coming from youth in care, those that grew up in care, foster care parents and those who work in the field. Do you know someone in one of those four categories? We would love to meet them and learn from their experiences. Contact Us

Years So Far


Criteria for Youth
• Currently in placement in Region 4 (King County). Preferably closer to Seattle and Bellevue.
• 8th graders (who will be a freshman next year).
• Ethnic/racial diversity encouraged. Our mentors represent Black American males, African American male, white males, Black American females, white female and Indigenous female.
• Preferably youth who are not already in other mentoring programs.

Apply Here

Steps To Apply
1. Ask Rick Newell any questions you might have. A contact form is below.
2. Apply for your youth if you feel it might be a good fit. Click the Apply Here button to the right.
3. When Rick Newell confirms it is a good fit, approach the youth to see if they are interested. Route 21 can provide a colorful flyer for them to see. Mentioning twice monthly movies, go karts, paintball, and ice skating is helpful too. 
4. Youth, Parents/Guardians and Rick Newell sit down to answer any remaining questions.
5. The welcome process for the youth begins. 

We can’t wait to meet your youth!

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